About Us

We do what we do because we love horses and understand the concern that owner's have regarding where and how the horse will be cared for during boarding, rehibilitation, recovery, and layup, or spending their equine retirement days. Your horse will be well cared for, secure and receive tender, loving care even if you are not personally providing it for them. We offer multiple living choices, from oversized individual turn-out pens to spacious green pastures, or a fully equipped barn with cameras and fly and misting systems.

The person behind the company is Bobbie Shirley, the owner and manager of the farm who brings over 20 years of experience of caring for injured or post-surgical horses, and retired horses. Saddle Creek Farm has a very well trained and experienced staff of employees to handle and care for our equine residents. We maintain strong professional relationships with veterinarian service and farrier service to assist us in caring for our equine boarding patients. Our feeding program was developed by veterinarian service and is regularly monitored.

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