Equine Retirement and Boarding

Fewer Equine Alternatives

Due to advances in veterinary care and medicine, horses that are cared for properly are living longer and have fewer alternatives for retiring to a safe and comfortable equine retirement home for their final years. If you are searching for a retirement farm with lush green pastures, Saddle Creek Farm is a great choice. We offer a great climate in Southern California; while carefully monitoring our pastures to allow the horses to develop bonds with one another in small groups. Your horse will be handled professionally, groomed, and fed twice a day.

Trouble For The Equine

When elderly people become unable to properly care for their horses or the economy swings downward, causing some horse owners to have to cut back or relocate for employment, it can mean trouble for the young and old equines alike. Along with the rising cost of real estate and a growing population consuming pasture lands once used for grazing, it makes it difficult for some horse owners to keep or care for their equine friends.

Equine Care Solution

In this case, an horse retirement farm may be your best solution for providing a safe and permanent home for older retired horses, thus allowing your equine partner the opportunity to live a normal life with excellent care. It allows the owner to avoid the auction and prevent the possibility of euthanasia.

Understanding Your Concerns

Saddle Creek Farm is a professional equine farm and understands your concerns regarding where and how the horse will spend their final days. Your horse(s) will be well cared for, secure and receive tender, loving care even if you are not personally providing it for them. Saddle Creek Farm consults regularly with San Luis Rey Equine Hospital's veterinarians, Creek side Veterinary Service, West Coast Equine and other field veterinarians to provide you with the best equine care available. For peace of mind, great equine care and economical solutions to your search for a professional facility, Saddle Creek Farm is your best choice.

Retirement Farms

Retirement facilities provide a safe and permanent home for retiring equine athletes, as well as other performance and work horses. The horse lay up and boarding facilities have been around for a long time and are all across the country. These facilities are providing an important service for the equine industry. Many of the retirement centers were started to accommodate the racing industry and to provide quality equine care and homes for the injured horses retiring from the race track.

Saddle Creek Farm Retirement Facility

Saddle Creek Farm facility is designed to remove the owner's worries by tending to the horses' needs rather than just boarding and feeding them. We offer all of the services you would expect from a professional equine layup facility, including quality hay, well maintained facilities and strong professional relationships with veterinarians and farriers to assist us in caring for your horse. Our feeding program was developed by veterinarians and is regularly monitored.

Retirement Services

  • We specialize in the care of injured lay-ups, retired, and young horses.
  • We do not have a lesson or training program on the farm.
  • Our pricing is designed to provide comprehensive, quality care.
  • Prices do not include farrier service, annual vaccinations and de-worming. We take care of scheduling all veterinarian and farrier appointments.
  • The type and amount of grain fed is based on each horse’s nutritional needs.
  • Our horses live in closed herds. This means far less exposure to potential illness than at a traditional boarding facility.
  • We live on the premises, and provide hands-on equine care.
  • We have over 20 years of experience and have the knowledge and professional contacts to properly recognize and address various equine health issues.

Support Services

San Luis Rey Equine Hospital

  • Equine specialists in traditional and alternative medicine.
  • Equine specialists in traditional and alternative medicine 24 hour emergency service -20 minutes from farm.

Farrier: On call and trims to corrective shoeing

Dentist: Equine dentist on call

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