Large Green Lush Pastures and Turnouts

Saddle Creek Farm has large green pastures that are irrigated, soil tested and supplemented with lime and fertilizer as needed to keep them lush and green all year round. Large green irrigated pastures provides exercise opportunities for retired horses, and permits them to graze naturally.

Our lush green turnouts are maintained and provide a safe, reliable containment for the equine residence. We provide 24/7 care with a qualified staff on the grounds at all times to ensure that owners will have peace of mind while their horses reside here during retirement, lay-up or recovering from an injury. The 24 hour equine care and surveillance has helped the Saddle Creek Farm achieve an impeccable safety record over the last 20 years.

24 Hour Equine Care and Services

  • We specialize in the care of injured lay-ups, retired, and young horses.
  • We do not have a lesson or training program on the farm.
  • Our pricing is designed to provide comprehensive, quality care.
  • Prices do not include, hoof trimming, annual vaccinations and de-worming. We take care of scheduling all veterinarian and farrier appointments.
  • The type and amount of grain fed is based on each horse’s nutritional needs.
  • Our horses live in closed herds. This means far less exposure to potential illness than at a traditional boarding facility.
  • We live on the premises, and provide hands-on care. Combined we have? years of experience and have the knowledge and professional contacts to properly recognize and address various horse health issues.

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