Equine Rehabilitation

Saddle Creek Farm has tailored our program to fit the needs of equine rehabilitation, horse lay-ups and equine retirement center with turnout's pastures and round pens. Our facility and staff takes the worry from the owners and administers wound management, horse treatment and care, as prescribed by your veterinarian. We have well maintained horse farm with clean facilities and strong professional relationships with clean facilities and strong professional relationships with veterinarians and farriers to assist us in caring for your horse.

Rehabilitation, Post-Op, Lay-Up

Saddle Creek Farm is a professional rehabilitation, post-op lay-up and retirement facility, dedicated to the care and recovery of injured equines including:

  • Post-op care and lay-ups.
  • Equine lay-ups.
  • Equine injuries.
  • Equine rehabilitation.
  • Broodmare prenatal care.
  • Foal handling and management.
  • Caring and comfortable retirement for your older equine.

Equine Arrivals and Admittance

When your horse arrives, our professional staff will work with your veterinarian to develop an individual rehabilitation plan. We consult with the referring veterinarian and follow the veterinarian's counsel in providing the rehabilitation treatments and care required to heal or rehabilitate your horse as safely as possible. The patients are monitored around the clock with qualified staff on the grounds at all times to ensure the safety and care of each animal. When horses arrive without an attending veterinarian, the owners are given a list of veterinarian referrals for rehabilitation counseling to ensure an optimum outcome.

Equine Health & Safety

Before a horse is admitted into the facility, the stall is cleaned and sanitized to prevent passing any disease or fungus between horses. Each stall will be provided with new bedding for patient's comfort and safety. Saddle Creek Farm prefers that all horses are up to date on their immunization and are insured. If immunization updates are needed, we can administer them for you.


General Rehabilitation Services

  • Daily administration of medications and supplements.
  • Bandaging, including sweats, poultices, post surgical and shipping.
  • General care, including monitoring temperatures and appetites, grooming, bathing, hoof care, checking legs, etc.
  • Hand walking as needed.
  • When your horse is ready for further rehabilitation, we also have a 60 foot round pen for exercise.
  • Assisting veterinarians as required (with radiographs, ultrasound, scooping, vaccinations, etc.) Please note: although we do not have a veterinarian on staff, we have multiple veterinarians performing different procedures on call.
  • Assisting farriers as required.
  • Preparing horses to ship (ensuring Coggins and health certifications are obtained).
  • Maintain daily records on all horses for health records and billing purposes.
  • All duties associated with the day to day management of a large equine facility.
  • Multiple living choices from individual turn out pens to grass pastures.
  • A fully equipped barn with cameras, fly spray and misting systems.