San Luis Rey Equine Hospital

San Luis Rey Hoapital

Established in 1971, by Doctors Jay and Ethel Rose, San Luis Rey Equine Hospital has earned a strong national and international reputation as an outstanding equine hospital. This facility has pioneered equine abdominal surgery, radiographic technique, and nuclear scintigraphy. Many innovative surgical techniques, and treatment regimes have been developed at San Luis Rey Equine Hospital.

A full-service facility, the hospital provides diagnostic, medical and surgical care to horses from around the United States 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The hospital is entrusted with the care of thousands of horses each year, admitting approximately 2,100 animals.

San Luis Rey is recognized for setting standards and being on the cutting edge. The facility is especially well-known for its involvement in the treatment of the legendary Seattle Slew, arguably the greatest Thoroughbred in American racing history and a renowned sire. Inserting an implant (now known as a Seattle Slew basket) between the horse’s cervical vertebrae alleviated the crippling spinal cord compression known as Wobbler Syndrome.

Whether a beloved family pet or a world-renowned equine athlete, each horse receives exceptional attention and care at San Luis Rey. The hospital staff is composed of board certified veterinary surgeons, internists, interns and technicians. The entire team is dedicated to providing exceptional results for each patient.

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