Round Pen-Equine Retirement Farm

Saddle Creek Farm, is a full care equine retirement facility which includes a barn with round pen, exercise areas, amenities and several fenced, smaller pastures.

Round Pen

The round pen is a great exercise tool and can be used as a simple approach and repreat training exercise, foundational training for all types of riding styles, whether it be in the exercise ring, on the trail, or in the show ring. The round pen provides a wonderful environment for exercise and play throughout the year.

In addition to exercise in the round pen is typically used to establish dominance in a completely non-forceful way and teach the horse that you are the leader and they are expected to follow our commands. We must have movement and pressure to establish leadership so that the horse has something to compare the non-pressure spot to as we progress with the exercise.

When horses are frightened, they choose the flight over the fight because running is their primary defense. The horses instinct is to conserve energy in case they need to flee from additional predators. We can use this to our advantage because when the horse starts to get tired, he is much more open to following our directions. A round pen allows you to move and exercise the horse on a longe line without him getting too far away from you. After a while, when he realizes you are going to keep him moving, he will start to look for other ways to relieve the pressure. Large animals are much easier to control in that stat of mind.

Using a longe whip , push the horse into a trot around the pen without hitting him ; just making some noise with it is normally enough to get him moving. Keep him at a trot on the longe line, for awhile and when he tries to slow down you see him chewing and you will know the horse is ready to begin instruction . At this point, ask the horse to stop with your voice and by getting in front of him. If he stops, give him a pat. If he doesn't, send him back out around the pen at a trot. When you can make the horse halt, ask him to walk forward. If he does, praise him. If he takes off running, send him on again until he tries to slow and starts chewing. Continue this basic plan, instructing the horse to walk, trot and canter on command. When you begin riding, the horse will already know what these words mean, making it much simpler to move him forward.

We have tailored our program to fit the needs of an equine retirement, rehabilitation, lay-up, and a horse retirement facility. Our facility is designed to remove the owner's worries by tending to the horses injuries, mental, physical and nutritional needs rather than just boarding and feeding them. We offer all of the services you would expect from a typical boarding facility, including quality hay, well maintained facilities and strong professional relationships with veterinarians and farriers to assist us in caring for your horse. Our feeding program was developed by veterinarians and is regularly monitored.

Equine Retirement Farm Services:

  • We specialize in the care of injured lay-ups, retired, and young horses.
  • We do not have a lesson or training program on the farm.
  • Our pricing is designed to provide comprehensive, quality care.
  • Prices do not include, hoof trimming, annual vaccinations and de-worming. We take care of scheduling all veterinarian and farrier appointments.
  • The type and amount of grain fed is based on each horse's nutritional needs.
  • Our horses live in closed herds. This means far less exposure to potential illness than at a traditional boarding facility.
  • We live on the premises, and provide hands-on care. Combined we have? years of experience and have the knowledge and professional contacts to properly recognize and address various horse health issues.

Thanks for visiting the Saddle Creek Farm web site and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our service or the facility.