Equine Nursing and Medication

Equine Medication, Post-Op Care & Bandaging

Saddle Creek Farm provides equine nursing, post-op surgical care and bandaging as your veterinarian prescribes, including equine rehabilitation, recuperation, hand walking, hot walking services and application of sterile and non-sterile bandaging.

Colic And Surgical Rehabilitation Neurological Rehabilitation Spinal Fusion Recuperation

  • Administers treatment the veterinarian prescribes.
  • Intensive care monitoring
  • Hand walking and hot walking
  • Preventing horse from hurting itself
  • Administers medication veterinarian has prescribed
  • Keeps detailed record of symptoms
  • Follows-ups with veterinarian on horse's condition
  • Calls owner and veterinarian if condition worsens
  • Also provides post-colic care to transition horse back on feeding regimen
  • Provides follow-up treatments to post colic surgery patients
  • Monitors stomach tube and reflux on colic's as veterinarian prescribes.